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Hornet Boats started as a project of Ehreth Horinek in 2021. Built in-house in Westlock, Alberta, by Precision Design & Manufacturing these BRP Rotax powered Jet Boats are the product of thousands of hours of engineering, designing, and testing.


If you're looking for a rush like no other, look no further than The Hornet™.

Started with
an idea

In 2020, Founder Ehreth 

Horinek began his dream of creating a jet boat manufacturing business.

The design

In early 2021 design work began on the hornet. The sleek design was created to fill the niche between mini and full sized jets.

We built
our prototype

With the designs now created, our team got to work on the Hornet, creating the first prototype.

We made changes

Once it hit the water we made revisions to the design, layout, and features to bring you the best. 

The Idea

In 2020, we began our journey. 

Our mission was to created the best, well rounded, mini-jet on the market. We found that there was a huge gap in the market between the fun, fast, agile mini-jets that are generally sold as kits, and are usually smaller than 12 feet - and the utility based full sized jets that generally are for hauling goods into tight spots along rivers. 

This is where Hornet comes in - a fun, fast, agile boat that can sit 2-4 comfortably and comes equipped with the features you see across the rest of the boat market. 

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The Design

We wanted something fast, sleek, easily maneuverable, eye-catching and functional. 

The design started to come together - a 14.5 foot, 4 seater with a Rotax motor. Designed to be something that you could take anywhere, and be comfortable doing it. 

We worked with our engineers, design team, and the jet boat community to integrate the best features, in the most functional, eye catching way. 

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The Prototype

Work on our prototype began, and with it, a new set of challenges. 

But with those challenges also came solutions. We tested and tested our prototypes into perfection. Taking note of all necessary changes and making updates to our layout. We even built a custom dunk tank to test our Hornets right here at the shop. 

This led to a second prototype - which further rifined our product into the best possible recreational jet boat design on the market. 

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Now we had the solution and The Hornet was born.

After many updates, many changes to the layout, design, structure, and features the Hornet was now ready for you!

Designed to be the pinnacle of what a recreation Jet boat can be - the Hornet will not disappoint!

Join us March 17th at the 2022 Edmonton Boat and Sportsman's Show for the grand reveal!

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